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Monday, November 9, 2009


I always loved that song -- "another one bites the dust - boom boom" ( the booms are drums I think,, I'm too old to remember! )

Anyway,, got another top done -- geez, all it needed was borders, what was I waiting for?? These were blocks from a swap at my guild from a few years ago. It has been put together and I had the fabric for the borders,, just didn't feel like putting it together - I'm a lazy girl!

Now I wish I had put in a small third border between the purple and the main border of a LIME GREEN!! wouldn't that be cool! Just a little zinger in there... nice bright LIME GREEN! what a hoot!
DSC02865 not a great picture and it isn't even laid out well on the grass ( I was too lazy to even hang it up on the side of the house like I usually do - lazy girl ) but I think it will be a nice wrap up in sorta quilt. I have enough of the border stuff to make the back, too. If you can get in close, the border has leaves in it so it's not just blurbs of green and purple.

Anyway, back to the LIME GREEN,,, think I'm going to bind it in that!! That will give me my lime green fix and make a little zippity-do-dah to this 'just ok' swap quilt...

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