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Monday, January 28, 2008

EBAY - Help! ME

I'm becoming an EBAY addict again,,,, browsing for hours looking for good deals on stuff I don't need!! ARRGGHHH!!! In the last couple of days I have picked up some ok deals on batiks that I "need" for the Judy Neimeyer quilt I'm working on,,, but do I really really NEED them? Or is the HUNT more fun? The bidding I admit is contagious..... gotta have it, gotta win it,,, it just HAS to be M_I_N_E !! And yes, I will use whatever is left to go into other things - but now there is buyers remorse -- did I REALLY really really need it? no

Ok I'm going to have to start selling some things to make up for what I spent.... I know! The bell pull counted cross stitch from Holland kit - yes! the Kit!! Hey,, so what if it is printed in Holland-ese,,, surely people can follow the counted cross stitch chart. It's new, it's in good shape, has the fabric, floss and even the hardware for both ends! What a deal!dsc00892

Or how about the BED CADDY ?? another embroidery kit,, brand new! looks like it would be great for putting the remote, books, glasses or whatever right beside you in bed! OH, I bet there is someone where my MIL lives that would LOVE to have this !! (( see the big grin? ))im001554

Hmmm,,, wonder if I put together some of the kid panels I have with backings - think they would sell ???

Ok,,, I'm off to make my millions! or at least pay for what I have already purchased....

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