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Thursday, January 10, 2008

One Block Wonder

Well, finally got the blocks sewn, half together like they are supposed to. I hung them on my design wall and started rearranging. This is really fun! I moved them around, trying to get a pleasing look, left them for a couple of days, moved them some more and this is what I havedsc00863Because they are hexagns you just sew them in half-sections then you lay them out so that there are 'rows'. When the layout is to your liking, they you take the 'rows' ( actually half hexagon blocks ) and sew them together. Then you sew the rows together. I'm trying to decide if I want to leave the edges jagged like they are now and put in triangles of the border fabric, or cut them straight across. Hmmm,,, maybe I'll decide when I get it sewn together.

Thought... use a small inner border of a solid fabric ( red or blue or green or yellow, or something ) and use that fabric for the set-in triangles for the edges.... maybe?

Gotta find a border fabric, too.
But this was fun! Can't wait to finish it and try another fabric - maybe the one I have that is a bunch of chickens!!!

OH, the design wall,,, it is a vinyl tablecloth with a flannel back that I hung over my double closet door in my sewing room. The blocks actually stick to the flannel backing so you don't have to pin them. Best of all, I can take it down when I don't need it - just fold it up, put it away!

till later


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tirane93 said...

wow! that's gonna be a great quilt!

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