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Monday, January 14, 2008

I lost 6.5 pounds!!

Hoory!! I've lost 6.5 pounds since starting WeightWatchers!! and that was only 12 days ago! Guess when you are pretty fluffy to start with, it isn't hard to loose the weight. But I'm delighted!

I'm going to keep on with the program because I like the idea that I can get smaller. I like the idea that I can eat what I want, but I have to keep track of the points and not go over. In fact, I am munching on some soy ice cream right now - I still have points left from the day,,, so YUMM! A treat for me!

My goal is to have about 60 pounds off by the end of the year.... I know that it will not be as fast as this first 6 pounds has been,,, but I am SO tired of being over weight!!!

Hang in there with me -- I'm going to do it!


swooze said...

Congrats on the weightloss. You can do it! I am in the Dallas area. Nice to see another Texan.

Crzy.Biker.Quilter said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! I know wheb I started loosing weight last spring and summer it was such a great relief. I'm terrified I'm going to put it all back on over the winter! If I do I won't have a thing to wear as all of the pre-weight loss clothes have been given to someone who can wear them. When you drop enough to loose 8 sizes its time to pass them on! I was shocked to have lost as much as I did, I eat healthy, feel a whole lot better than I have in years... and I must say look like my normal self! Way to go hun... keep up the good work. All the weight loss has helped me to get off of all of the medications I was on as well... so, I know it can be done! Keep on quilting... a tip from me... if you can put the sewing machine near the puter and the ironing spot on the other side of the room you'll get more accomplished sewing wise and have some exercise too!

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