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Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Lazy Sunday

We went out to eat last nite - at Outback Steakhouse, yumm! BUT, either it was the Bloomin' Onion that I ate some of, or maybe it was just too rich all around, but I spent most of today not feeling real well,,, geez,, I hate getting older and not being able to eat what I want... Maybe too it was because I really watch what I eat and haven't eaten anything greasy or rich in such a long time. Who knows...

But you can't lay around all day or at least I can't so I did get a little sewing done.. and finished the One Block Wonder! I'm real pleased with how it came out. I like how I left the ends and worked the inner border into the design itself... sorta looks like it floats. The outer boarder is a dark mottled blue and I think sets off the design - sorta like a real frame in a picture.

Anyway,,, I'm happy!! NOW I can work on some of the other fabrics I have that I bought with this type of quilt in mind ( NO, I didn't buy them this year so my resolution of not buying fabric is still good ).

What do you think? OH, here is another closer view


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