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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Judy Neimeyer in process

Judy Neimeyer in process
Judy Neimeyer in process,
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It's been a few days since I've posted anything ... I'm SO glad that I went to the Judy Neimeyer class - it was really fun and she is a good teacher. Very helpful, full of tips and hints. She approaches her quilts in an engineering and mathmatical manner - and OMG is she ever organized! You put all your sections in plastic bags,,, binder clip all the pieces together, work on sections at a time instead of a whole quilt - really amazing!

She also uses template sheets to cut the fabric,,, imagine cutting ALL the pieces at one time! Instead of measureing or guessing just how much fabric, there is a template sheet that you lay on ALL your layers of fabric and start cutting! It really is hard to describe until you do it but it works great! Cut your quilt in just a fraction of the time AND I'm all for that!

Don't be intimidated if you have one of her patterns! Just take it step by step and it will all fit together!

This is a picture of my plastic bags, the binder clips that have fabric being held together ( she swears that if you use clips, they will never let the fabric slip and will last like this forever ) and I think there is a piece of the template sheet showing too.

It was great, it was fun, I recommend it!

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